The program of Kanal 2 has been available on demand at since 2014. In addition to on demand viewing, programs and series can be viewed in real time, and in some cases even before they are aired on TV.

VeebiTV offers continuously updated content but also television classics courtesy of its archive. The site offers both domestic programming and foreign productions. VeebiTV is constantly growing, and currently offers more than 400 programs with more than 7,000 total episodes.

Television series and entertainment shows, like Sing my Song, Comedy Combat, and Little Giants are the most popular on VeebiTV. The most-watched program of all time is Kanal 2’s drama series Pilvede all various episodes of which have been viewed a total of over one million times. Turkish drama series Broken Pieces and Kanal 2’s Saladused series have also been viewed more than a million times.