Raadio Kuku, that first went on air on March 1, 1992, is the very first private radio station in Estonia best characterized by its motto – radio for the intelligent person.

Kuku is a trustworthy source of information for people for whom the radio is not just a music wallpaper. “Kuku is a truly bright star in our journalistic heaven. Always witty, smart, investigative, vigorous, youthful, and what is paramount – always trustworthy,” says beloved singer Ivo Linna.

Kuku is interesting to listen to because the station communicates with its listener and always has something to say. Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Kadri Simson has said that she often listens to Kuku while driving: “Kuku’s program keeps the mind sharp”.

Kuku’s program is made up of everything the inquisitive person expects, from the latest news, interviews, and comments, intelligent conversations, discussions to quality entertainment and good music.

Kuku’s “Designated Group Driver” traffic safety campaign began in 1997 and is among the longest-lived and best-known social campaigns in Estonia. The campaign was launched in Latvia in 2017.