Young people in Postimees Group

Summer jobs and in-service training

We offer practical working experience in many fields. Do you want to work as a member of the editorial team as a summer reporter, photographer, layout editor, proofreader? Do you take an interest in IT customer support or systems development? Or do you want to develop yourself in the company of professional salespeople?

The summer of 2018 was a memorable #mediasummer (#meediasuvi) for 50 young people at Postimees Group.

While we mainly expect young people to join us in summer, we are prepared to offer short-term in-practice training opportunities also in fall and spring.

We will publish our summer job opportunities here and in other channels in March.

Come visit us

What is a work day like in Estonia’s largest and most diverse media company? We expect you to pay us a visit in spring to spend an informative day full of emotion together. We can show you how newspapers, television and radio programs are produced.

We expect both students and those who already have higher education and want to acquaint themselves with career opportunities at Postimees Group.

If we managed to peak your interest, let us know here.

We will publish additional information on events and registration in spring.

Work Shadow Day

How does a typical workday look for different executives of Estonia’s largest and most diverse media company? We participate in the nationwide Work Shadow Day held on the penultimate week of November every year. We first and foremost expect high school students to come and see a workday in the life of Postimees Group.

We want to see you shadow one of our executives if you are at least 17 years of age, a student, and can provide a creative explanation of why you want to be a work shadow at Postimees Group.

We will publish additional information on the Work Shadow Day in October.

Additional information on summer work, in-service training, visits, and the Work Shadow Day is available from our Head of TalentKelly Imme