Kanal 12

Kanal 12 has secured itself a solid position among the male audience since its launch in June of 2011, while the aim of its new October 2017 program is to boost those ratings further.

Kanal 12’s program is built on a foundation of sports, quality shows, and exciting entrainment. The channel has become an influential sports broadcasts partner both in terms of world championships and domestic sporting events. In addition to traditional disciplines, like volleyball, tennis, and basketball, Kanal 12 offers the chance to watch modern sports, like BMW, freestyle skiing, etc.

Tension, excitement, and adrenaline are offered by adventure and traveling shows that accept the craziest challenges in different parts of the world. Kanal 12 has a place for Hollywood blockbusters and gripping action series. Kanal 12 also offers its viewers eye-opening documentaries from across the world.