Kanal 11

Kanal 11, launched in March of 2008, immediately received a warm welcome from female viewers and has remained the favored niche channel of women ever since. What is more, Kanal 11 has managed to stay ahead of all other Estonian niche channels.

Kanal 11 is a pleasant companion and helper and a benevolent entertainer for the modern woman. Practical and at the same time entertaining programming has ensured the channel with a loyal audience throughout the years. Kanal 11 is like a good friend who can be asked for advice on cooking and relationships but can also just laugh and enjoy a good comedy with you.

Kanal 11 offers its viewers world-class programming, including Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay’s cooking programs and exciting reality shows, like The Bachelor and Love Island. Kanal 11 brings the viewer an increasing number of quality European TV series that have been received well by viewers. Successful movies have their place on Kanal 11 – Wednesdays are for comedy, Friday nights offer romance, and Sundays cater to fans of quality cinema.