Estonia’s first private television channel Kanal 2 was created in the fall of 1993 by Ilmar Taska. Consistent efforts at high-quality domestic TV production have turned Kanal 2 into the leader of the Estonian television landscape. Kanal 2 has been the most-watched TV channel for more than a decade, since 2006. A new level in television quality was achieved through a switch to HD in early 2017.

As the market leader, Kanal 2 has consistently expanded its activities and complemented the main program with two niche channels. Kanal 11 started in March of 2008 and has become the undisputed favorite of female TV-viewers since then. Four years later, in June of 2011, the more masculine program of Kanal 12 was introduced. Music channel MyHits started its activity in January 2017 creating a lively mix with the same radio channel – who wants to, it listens, who wants to, it watches and listens.

In line with technological innovations and growing expectations of viewers, Kanal 2’s program has gone beyond the TV screen. From 2014, Kanal 2’s program can be watched on demand at