Postimees Kirjastus



Postimees Group’s publishing house, Postimees Kirjastus (2015 – 2018 september called Post Factum) expands its services with each successive year. Postimees Kirjastus publishes both fiction and non-fiction, including Estonian works and translations. The goal is to publish books which are both meaningful and artistic. Classic literature and poetry with more mature readers in mind are published, as well as titles about philosophy, history, creative nonfiction, biographies, crime fiction, cooking, and handicrafts. In addition, younger readers can enjoy both colourful fairy tales as well as educational non-fiction. Publishing house health book series in collaboration with leading Estonian physicians has also proven to be very popular. 

In 2017, publishing house won the book procurement in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Estonian Republic. From the beginning of 2018, more than 40 books on the development of different aspects of Estonian life over the past century will be published.

The staff firmly believes that reading makes people not only more intelligent, but also develops their inner beauty.