Postimees, celebrating its 160th anniversary this year, is Estonia’s largest and oldest quality daily newspaper that offers something to people of all ages and interests and provides a prompt and unbiased overview of events home and abroad. Postimees’ reader always has access to the most important part of news flow with value added in the form of background and comments.

Postimees is published six days out of the week, from Monday to Saturday. On workdays, Postimees comes with Estonia’s largest county paper Tartu Postimees that is circulated in Tartu and Jõgeva counties, as well as Otepää. On Thursdays, readers can find in its folds the weekly Maa Elu aimed at active people living in rural areas.

Postimees Nädalavahetus is the paper’s substantial weekend special that is published once a week on Saturdays. In addition to news, the paper offers longer opinion and feature pieces, summaries of the week’s events and their stars, interesting character pieces, fashion and beauty news etc.

Postimees Nädalavahetus also includes extras Arvamus ja Kultuur and Arter. Arvamus ja Kultuur or AK is a platform for opinion leaders, the best essayists, and critics. AK is the voice of Estonian social thought.

Arter is an inspiring magazine that loves people. We introduce our readers to the persons they should know – people who have led exciting lives, think interesting thoughts, and have emotional stories to tell.

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