Pärnu Postimees

The first issue of Pärnu Postimees was published on June 5, 1857. The paper, also called Perno Postimees for a time, will celebrate its 160th anniversary this year. Since then, Pärnu Postimees has been bringing its readers more important local events, stories of interesting people and places, as well as keeping them informed on what is happening elsewhere in the world. Readers can also find in the paper practical advice, classifieds, learn what is happening and why, and what exciting things are there to do close to home. Pärnu Postimees is published five times a week – Tuesday to Saturday.

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Pärnu Börs

Pärnu Börs has been published since 1999 and started out as a free weekly. From 2009, it lands in the mailboxes of readers of Pärnu Postimees as a classifieds extra published on Wednesdays. The extra is circulated primarily in Pärnu County.

Pärnu This Week

Pärnu This Week is a free tourist guide for visitors of the city in Finnish, English, and Russian that includes a lot of valuable information, including a map of Pärnu city and county, locations of shops and restaurants, an overview of the ten most interesting places in Pärnu and Pärnu County, summer events calendar etc. The guide comes in a handy A5 format and is available at Pärnu hotels and visitors’ centers.