Maa Elu

Maa Elu is aimed at enterprising people who live and work in rural areas, have a summer home away from the city, or simply take an interest in rural affairs. Maa Elu writes about rural economy and the people behind it: agriculture, animal husbandry, production, forestry, and everything it takes: labor, education, ideas, technology, research, money. About both major producers who have invested millions and small farms that have found exciting and profitable business ideas. Maa Elu also writes about changes in legislation directly tied to life in the country and the activities of agriculture and forestry organizations. Maa Elu reaches readers once a week on Thursdays in between the pages of Postimees, Pärnu Postimees, Sakala, Järva Teataja, Virumaa Teataja, and Valgamaalane.

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