Osta.ee is Estonia’s largest trading environment where individuals, companies, and agencies buy and sell various things. The selection at Osta.ee is singular, ranging from bare necessities to unique items.

Osta.ee has been in e-commerce since 1999, offering the best solutions for simple yet secure trading. The site has more than 300,000 registered and verified users, while the environment sees more than a million offers every month.

Osta.ee started out as a market for second-hand goods offered by individuals but has by today grown into a useful tool for companies – two-thirds of transactions are handled by entrepreneurs, and the site caters to more than 400 online stores. Osta.ee offers both auctions and “buy now” fixes-price classifieds.

In 2015, Osta.ee launched an Estonian design section that represents more than 200 designers by today. The site offers different products for men, women, and children that include clothing, footwear, accessories, home décor, and pet goods. Better-known designers include Tiina Talumees, Tanel Veenre, New Vintage by Kriss, Wooden Lifestyle, Ööloom, Uncle Paul, and many others.